Relish The Unforgettable Experience Of Shopping in Dubai

The Burjuman centerOne of my favorite activities to do while in Dubai is to go shopping! It is an experience that you will not forget that quick. With so many malls, souks and supermarkets, it is no wonder that even the normal Dubai citizen could sometimes get a bit awed by the shopper’s paradise. For any tourist, the hard part of the entire shopping experience might be the concept of having to tear oneself away from it all.

The shopper’s paradise is certainly an apt name for Dubai since it offers the very best there is in ambience, the sun and ‘out of this world’ shopping malls where each one of them offers incredible deals. There are quite a few places that you could do your shopping from, making your Dubai shopping a complete experience.

The Burjuman center is a vast shopping mall that comes with adjoining Rotana suites, ideal for you if you can’t seem to discontinue shopping. This mall contains over three hundred leading stores with an entire range of products being featured here.

Then there’s the shopping mall at Deira known as the Deira city center. This mall has over 340 stores, with designer brands being featured prominently in many of them. This mall even contains restaurants, fast food outlets in addition to movie theatres, making it an ideal venue to hang out with acquaintances throughout the weekend.

These are just one among the 2 of the malls that you could cover during your stay in Dubai. The great thing about the shopping malls is that you would find most of them self contained in the sense that most of them come with a food court, movie theatres, medical stores, living quarters, entertainment zones, etc… in short, a place to hang out in for quite a while.

For example, the mall of the Emirates contains over 350 shops, a ski resort, a theater, an amusement park and a bank among several other options. Dubai shopping has certainly changed for the good with the very best being provided for the shopper.

You would stay for days in any one of these malls without having to move outside at all, which isn’t just a possibility but a reality as well. The palm strip situated in Jumeirah deserves a special mention as one of the classiest shopping malls, with an open air ambience, lending it a special touch. Most of the shops located here are up market boutiques, with caf├ęs and restaurants excelling in their cuisine.

Most products aren’t taxed in Dubai and as such the shopping malls of Dubai provide the very best in costs when it comes to the latest designer wear. It is true that such designer wear might still cost a bit, but with little or no taxation on them, even the middle class can afford to go ‘Prada’ once in a while.

Currently with over twenty five malls and many souks, Dubai has literally become the shopping capital of the world. Many individuals visit Dubai just for the sole purpose of shopping. Ensure to get your dose on your trip to Dubai.

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